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Shop Window cleaning in Carlisle


Window Cleaning 


Shop Window cleaning in Carlisle presents it's own challenges.

The main difficulty is having to work with pedestrians walking past, this is why many shop window cleaners start early in the morning, when there are few pedestrians about.

Nowadays many shops want to have security shutters and so this would make the early morning window clean impossible.

Shops that are on main roads could well need their windows cleaning several times a week to maintain an acceptable appearance.

Internal shop window cleaning can be difficult and is best arranged before hand and where possible the internal contents of the windows being removed to provide access to the windows.



Sign + Fascia Cleaning


As well as the normal window cleaning service we also provide a sign, fascia and awning cleaning service, as and when clients require.

Signs - require regular cleaning, as they are one of the first opportunies to make a good impression on prospective customers. We would suggest once a month.

Fascias - require less often attention and every other month could well be sufficient.

Awnings - once every six months may be often enough for these.


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