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Gutter Cleaning in Carlisle

 Dirty Gutter
  •  Dirty Gutters are a fairly normal sight on our Housing estates in the Carlisle area of Cumbria. 
  •  The UPVC Gutters and Soffits that were sold as        " maintenace free" have grown grubby over years of weathering.
  •  Whilst it is possible to clean these Gutters working from ladders, it is hard work and dangerous.
  •  It is much safer to use the pole wash system to clean these from the safety of the ground.
 Gutter Cleaning after
  •  This picture demonstrates the dramatic results of Gutter cleaning using a pole wash system.
  •  We have found that just using purified water and the agitation of the brush bristles cleans the UPVC gutters and soffits wonderfully well.
  •  Once cleaned these gutters and soffits will be fine for another couple of years.
  •  It is best to let us know the month before you want them cleaned, so we can fit this extra work in, as it does take several hours to clean them.

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