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Domestic Window Cleaning in Carlisle


 Domestic window cleaning

 Domestic window cleaning in the Carlisle area of Cumbria, presents many challenges such as this one :-

A gravelled drive makes window cleaning using ladders dangerous.

Dormer window over soft tiles and walking on the tiles would cause breakage of the tiles. Reaching the window from a ladder would be dangerous.

As you can see, reaching this window by using a water fed pole window cleaning system over comes these difficulties.

 window cleaning over conservatory

  Managing to reach windows that are located over Conservatories is a challenge that we face on many occasions, whilst cleaning domestic windows in the Carlisle area.

Using the water fed pole window cleaning system is the only safe and effective way of reaching and cleaning this type of window.

In some situations the conservatory can stretch almost the length of the house, but by making use of step ladders we can still reach over the roof and clean the windows.

We are asked to clean many conservatory rooves, such as this one. They clean up exteremly well .

The window cleaning brushes are excellent for removing the algae and moss from conservatory rooves.

 water fed pole in action

 Pole wash window cleaning works so well because the water we use is purified. This purified water aggresively disolves dirt and then is rinsed off the windows.

As a part of this cleaning process we clean the window frames and the window sills, each time.

The glass stays clean longer than when cleaned with window cleaning detergents.

 We clean Domestic windows in the Stanwix, Harraby, Dalston and Botchergate area's of Carlisle.

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