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Conservatory roof cleaning



 Conservatory roof cleaning -     before

  • This Conservatory roof has been neglected and moss and algae have covered the complete roof.
  • The trellis on the top is covered with algae, as well.
  • The gutters are full and dirty on the outside surfaces.
  • The UPVC window  frames are also dirty.
  • This roof was under an over hanging tree that had dropped tree sap onto the roof to make it even more difficult to clean.
  • It was difficult to reach all of these roof panels due to the way the conservatory was built next to the house.


 Conservatory roof cleaning -     after

  •  These results were produced after several hours of hard work with the Water Fed Pole system.
  • The trellis came up very well
  • The Conservatory roof panels cleaned up well and as you can see they are shining again.
  • Gutters were cleared out and then cleaned on the outside surface.
  • The UPVC frames and window glass were cleaned.
  • This Conservatory came back to "as new condition"
  • Once a year is normally often enough for the majority of Conservatory rooves to be cleaned, unless they are under over hanging trees, in which case every 6 months would more likely.

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