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 Carlisle Window Cleaner D. Wright !

 commercial window cleaning  

Darren was the first window cleaner in the Carlisle area to invest in the revolutionary Water Fed Pole window cleaning system.

He has been window cleaning for over 15 years within the Domestic Window cleaning  and Commercial window cleaning markets in Carlisle.

This picture shows Darren cleaning 3rd Floor windows on a Commercial building, using an Aluminium "Tucker Pole"

Water Fed Pole window cleaning not only enables the safe cleaning of high windows but also accessing difficult to reach windows.

This picture demonstrates the ease that the poles can clean these windows located over a sloping roof, that would make the use of ladders extremely dangerous.

Using purified water to rinse the windows leaves an excellent cleaning result which stays clean for much longer than when using traditional window cleaning methods.


Whatever your window cleaning needs give Darren a ring!

Darren is well known throughout Carlisle as many people see him cleaning shop windows in the city centre, as well as the many Domestic and Commercial windows he cleans throughout the Cumbria area. 

When cleaning shop windows Darren uses traditional window cleaning methods, making use of large squeeges to produce quick, high quality finishes.

The large expanses of glass in shop windows or car sales windows need to be cleaned quickly or else they dry out leaving streaks and smears. It takes considerable skill and experience to produce perfect results on this type of windows.

Darren also provides Gutter cleaning services and Conservatory roof cleaning services for his regular customers in the Carlisle area of Cumbria.